Hire Family Budget Speaker

AUDIENCE: Counselors, Therapists, Social Workers, Clergy, Couples who fight about money

“Save More. Argue Less. Keep the Fun.”


AUDIENCE: Corporations Focused on Financial Wellness to Improve Employee Retention and Productivity

“Squeeze More Life out of Every Dollar.”

Employees leave perfectly good jobs with upward mobility to make a little more money at a different company even if they love their current work situation.

This cost employers thousands of dollars in training, recruiting, and on-boarding costs. Plus, the employee is giving up a nice career with a great company for a few extra bucks in the short-run.

Rob trains employees in a budgeting technique that has helped his average client cut their spending by 11% without a complicated budget and without giving up the fun. This extra money is used to build a savings cushion for comfort, pay off debt, and contribute more towards their retirement plan.

Normally budgeting is boring, but Rob makes it fun by using stories, humor and audience engagement. Plus, this is a results-driven training with tangible action steps to get it done.

In the end, the employees feel relieved that they can stretch their money further on their current salary which drastically reduces the likelihood that they will jump ship for a few extra bucks saving the employer thousands and the employee a sound career path.