How do couples stop fighting about money and save more of it?  

It’s almost like you’re rivals rather than being teammates.

Is there something your spouse spends money on that just irks you to no end?

Now flip it. What do you enjoy spending money on that gets the eye roll from your spouse every single time?

How long do you want to stay angry, frustrated and let money drive a wedge in your relationship?

Not only do you argue about this stuff, but you can’t figure out how to save more money and pay back debt! It’s a double whammy!

If this sounds like you, money is sabotaging your relationship.

You’re not alone. It’s the #1 cause of relationship stress.

So how do you get back to the smiles and fun times that are so visible in your wedding photos?

What if you could stop arguing about money and start saving it at the same time?

I’ll show you how to get this done. I’ve helped the average couple cut their spending by 11% without a complicated budget and without missing out on the fun. Plus, they begin working as a team and the arguments stop in their tracks.

How did they do it?

The first step is to get some wins as a couple.

They find one thing that they BOTH AGREE to keep spending money on. Ideally this is something they like to do together that enhances their relationship.

Here’s the thing, they DO NOT try to save money here. Spend away!

Next, they find things they BOTH AGREE to cut back on or eliminate spending on altogether.

The key word is BOTH AGREE. There is no persuasion involved, no arguments, just 100% agreement

But what about the spending they argue about?

I’m glad you asked.

My wife loves peppermint ice cream. To me, it’s like I’m eating toothpaste. I just can’t do it.

When we have an ice cream night at home, she has her peppermint, and I eat my pure amazing chocolate.  

The funny thing is even though our tastes are different, we actually have something in common:

We both eat it with ear to ear smiles on our face.

The point here is that even though you have no idea why someone would enjoy “that thing”, it probably makes them feel how you feel when you enjoy “your thing”.

The same applies to spending. I would never in a million years spend money on some of the things my wife does…but I understand why she does it. Same for her about my spending.

So how do the arguments stop?

What makes couples successful is when they can keep spending money on their most enjoyable, most fulfilling, most stress-reducing thing guilt-free and without confrontation or eye rolling.

This is transformative for relationships who argue about money. I’ve seen it in my 11 year marriage and in the many other clients I’ve worked with.

The couples now have things they agree on, and the things they don’t, they at least understand why.

Oh, and did I mention that they cut spending by 11% on average at the same time?

How you can get some quick wins

Here’s an intro to my simple 3-step budgeting technique that gets couples on the same page and helps them save money at the same time.


Start thinking about your KEEP spending items in 3 categories:

  1. Things you enjoy.
  2. Things your spouse enjoys (even though you may not  understand why).
  3. Things you enjoy doing together.

This entire category is off limits for cutting back.  Neither one of you can veto the other.

It’s a win-win. You get to keep spending on the things you enjoy doing without the eye rolls and so does your spouse. Plus you can keep spending on what you enjoy doing together.

So where does the savings come in? It’s on the things you can agree on as a team.

  • Where do you spend money that you enjoy but you could probably CUT BACK without feeling like you’re missing out?

The best example is if you were to go out to eat.

Let’s say there are 2 entrees on the menu that sound good. Order the less expensive one.  How about getting 2 drinks instead of 3?

It should feel easy and like your getting the same experience but for a lower bill. I call this CUT BACK.

  • Where is your money going that you could ELIMINATE and not even miss it?

Do you have any subscriptions or memberships that you’re not using as much as you thought? Can you go down to 1 personal training session a week instead of 2?  

If you were to look at your credit card bill, is there anything you’re getting charged for and you have no idea what it is? (This is very common by the way.)

Reflect on this for your personal situation. I am so confident you spend less money and not even miss it and without a complicated budget. Plus, you will have spending “wins” in your relationship.

I’ve seen instant relationship relief and identifying a few hundred dollars a month of cut spending in just 5 minutes.

How to win with your money & relationship

If you’re sick and tired of arguing and you’re looking for ways to have more money left over at the end of the month, then I have something to share with you.

Even if you’ve already tried budgeting and it didn’t work. Even if you feel like you don’t view money the same way as your spouse, KEEP, CUT BACK, ELIMINATE works.

As a couple we have differing approaches to finances. Rob’s approach helped us maximize our savings goals, and we continue to use his “Keep, Cut Back, Eliminate” categories to identify and reduce extraneous spending.  Rob makes the overwhelming manageable! – Lisa & Adrian

It will help you get on the same page, end the money arguments, find ways to save thousands extra a year without a complicated budget and without feeling like you’re missing out on the fun.

Money was the catalyst of stress in our relationship but Rob’s approach shifted it from being a burden to being smarter with our spending. As a couple, we didn’t have to sacrifice our lifestyle. Instead, we grew closer as a couple and make these changes together in order to have a more fruitful lifestyle.  – Ben & Angela

Let’s start with a no cost, no commitment 30-minute discovery session so we can discuss your current money challenges and aspirations and get you some quick wins.

The most helpful thing Rob did for us, was not a spreadsheet, or an app on our phones, but rather be a third party moderator in allowing us to discuss openly our finances and plans for the future. –Kevin & Maura

How committed are you to stop arguing about money and save more of it? Take the first step with me.

Talking about money and finances is not always the easiest thing for a couple to do, but Rob made the experience, dare I say, pleasant. – Erin & David