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Rob Bertman - Family Budget ExpertROB BERTMAN, CFA®, CFP®

Why did I leave my job as a VP and partner of a successful investment management firm?

My career was going just as I always dreamed it would, but something brewing inside compelled me to leave it all.

Based upon my 15+ years of experience and research, I noticed that couples face two major challenges with money.


These challenges cause real consequences because…

Money arguments are the #1 predictor of divorce. These challenges can derail even the strongest relationships.

But financial experts spend THE LEAST AMOUNT OF TIME in these two areas and use OUTDATED, RESTRICTIVE TECHNIQUES that are unappealing to couples. See our monthly family budget guide.

So I researched, developed, tested, and perfected simple techniques that would deliver exceptional results.

Results like helping people slash their spending by thousands per year WITHOUT a complicated budget and WITHOUT giving up all the fun.

Results like paying back tens of thousands of dollars of credit card debt within the first year.

Results like couples telling me that their marriage is finally back on track because financial stress is no longer holding their relationship hostage.

Then it was crystal clear. I had no choice but to leave an amazing job.

My sole focus is helping couples overcome the #1 relationship killer.

I am the reliable, seasoned expert that couples can depend on to help them face their debt and spending issues and deliver life-changing results.

That’s what Family Budget Expert is all about, and I’m here to help!


  • 15+ years experience as a financial planner, investment analyst, and advisor. 

  • Equity Partner at two successful financial companies.

  • Certified Financial Planner™

  • Holds the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation.

  • Zero conflict with clients and advisory relationships – I don’t sell, manage, or advise on investment products or insurance.

  • University of Michigan Bachelor of Science (2001), Organizational Development & Psychology, Mathematics Minor

  • Real-life experience: Married for 10 years, raising 3 kiddos, homeowner.

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