Discover how to eliminate money stress so you can thrive at home, at work, and in your relationships.


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“That was awesome! One of the best trainings I have attended!”

“I’m glad no one got hurt in the rush to talk to you afterwards :-)” – Event Planner

Why have a speaker about family budgeting?

Money is the #1 source of stress for people.

Couples argue over it. Employees have trouble focusing on the job and end up job-hopping. Financial plans end up sitting in a drawer with goals that seem unattainable.

How great would it be to learn the key to financial and relationship success in an un-intimidating, uplifting way with a tangible technique that will get immediate results?

Through keynote speeches, corporate trainings, and breakout sessions, Rob:

  • Transforms relationships stressed over money;
  • Promotes financial wellness within businesses to improve employee retention and productivity;
  • Partners with financial planners & advisors to help clients free up more cash flow. This increases the probability of achieving financial goals, and leads to greater client retention and AUM per client.

Rob has delivered his message in front of top business owners & executives, billion dollar investment advisory firms, early childhood centers, and young professionals organizations.

“We should definitely have him back next year!”

Speaking Topics

*Available in both one-hour presentations or 1/2 day workshops.

Presentations for Businesses, Organizations & Associations

How to Build Wealth from Nothing

Attendees will learn why building wealth all starts with a focus on spending, not making more money or trying to “get rich quick”.

Most people think they have to set boring goals, give up everything they like, and spend hours a week tracking dozens of budget categories, but that’s not the case!

I’ll give attendees tangible actions and frameworks that are easy to understand and implement like:

  • My 7 Steps to Create Wealth from Nothing
  • How to simplify their budget and increase their savings rate WITHOUT disrupting their lifestyle.
  • How to balance saving and spending as they make more money to avoid lifestyle creep.
Save More. Argue Less. Keep The Fun!

Attendees will learn where they should and shouldn’t spend their money to live their best life, have a thriving relationship, and find the money left over to reach their financial goals.

By the end, attendees will have the clarity and action steps to help them:

  • Figure out the best and worst uses of their money to live a fulfilled life.
  • Concrete budgeting tips and habits to have more money at the end of the month.
  • How to prioritize whether to save, invest or pay off debt and a focused framework to follow.

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Presentations for Financial Professionals

Go from Villain to Hero:
Turn The Difficult Budget Conversation into an Opportunity to Know Your Client, Motivate Behavior Change & Improve Financial Success

We all have clients whose spending is hindering the success of the financial plan. But how do we have those challenging conversations without being the villain and driving a wedge in the relationship?

Rob will show you his collaborative process to turn the budgeting/cash flow conversation into a golden opportunity to truly know your client, help them identify where to reduce expenses without sacrificing, and motivate them to make the sustainable changes necessary.

In the end, clients will increase their probability of reaching their financial goals. Advisors will know their clients better, increase retention and assets under management. A true win-win.

Financial planners and advisors will learn:

  • Keys to having a successful budget conversation that will motivate behavior change WITHOUT being the villain
  • How to use the spending conversation to better understand the client’s personal and financial circumstances (both quantitative and qualitative)
  • Why spending more time on client cash flow will dramatically improve key metrics for the client’s financial plan and the financial planner’s business
Increase Client Success, Retention & AUM with a Proven Cash Flow Process

Budgeting / cash flow is often the most challenging yet crucial aspects of implementing a successful financial plan. Doing it right means increasing the probability of a client’s success in reaching their financial goals. The advisor also benefits due to increased client retention and AUM per client.

Financial planners and advisors will get the tools and action steps needed to:

  • Have effective budget conversation with clients without being the “bad guy”.
  • Differentiate themselves from the competition and gain better insight into what makes their clients tick.
  • Implement simple and easy frameworks to help their clients free up more cash flow to put into the financial plan.


About Rob

Rob Bertman, CFA®, CFP® was an accomplished financial planner with a growing business, an ownership stake in the firm and a nice income.

So why did he give all of that up after 15 years to form Family Budget Expert?

Rob found that focusing on family spending was a greater predictor of reaching financial goals than investing and making more money. Plus, it creates better outcomes for relationships, job satisfaction and work productivity.

But, traditional budgeting techniques are challenging and fail most people, even with all the apps and automated savings programs.

So he decided to research, experiment, and conduct many trials to develop an innovative budgeting technique called Keep, Cut Back, Eliminate®, which has helped his average client sustainably cut their spending without a complicated budget and without missing out on the fun.

The most meaningful part for Rob has been seeing relationships transform, work focus and productivity improve, and clients finally believing that achieving their financial goals is possible.

Along with speaking, professional development, and consulting, Rob has performed in front of other large audiences including:

  • Gold medal winning chorus performance with The Ambassadors of Harmony at the International Barbershop Harmony Society International Competition (also receiving the chorus award for outstanding leadership,
  • Singing the national anthem at college and high school sporting events,
  • Performing in Carnegie Hall at the International Championship of Collegiate A’Cappella Finals.

Rob lives in St. Louis, Missouri with his wife Anna and 3 kiddos and is an active member in helping to strengthen the community.

“You were such a hit, they want you to come back in the fall!” – Event Planner